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    she put up a video of her telling miyah that she thinks she’s very pretty without the wig too and that playing dress up if fun but to promise to stay in school

    Love this!

    Stories you won’t see in the media

    #nicki is so protective of young girls#this needs to be underlined more#also she gives them edited versions of her albums#magical girls protect other girls#bless nicki

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    this happened

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    together at last

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    *doesn’t check bank account*
    *pretends everything is fine*

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    me starting to like someone image

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    always walk down the street like you’ve got crazy in love by beyonce playing in the background

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    if magikarp can do nothing and then suddenly grow up to be really useful then so can i

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    the only domestic instinct my parents have managed to pass on to me is the tendency to hoard multiple plastic bags in another plastic bag despite the fact that I will probably never need this many plastic bags in my adult life

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